Strategy and Strategic Management

At Oxford Libero Consulting we see strategic management as a necessary requirement of a well managed company.

Our senior consultants each have 15-25 years of experience in strategic management and the development of strategically led organizations.  They have experienced the eye-glazing strategic planning processes.  At Oxford Libero Consulting, we have developed processes for strategy development and implementation that are practical and motivational, leading to on-going strategic management of organizations.

Oxford Libero Consulting has innovative methods for the development of strategy that is personalized to each individual in the organization, while integrating organizationally.  It leads to strategically motivated actions at all levels of the organization and improves the creativity of all employees.

Oxford Libero Consulting offers services for the facilitation of strategic planning sessions and strategy development, as well as strategic organizational design.  We speak and facilitate internationally on innovation strategy and making strategic management an everyday part of managing your organization as well as techniques for ensuring strategy is implemented effectively.  Our unique approach is explained in our white paper on strategy.  Use the link below to download our white paper.  We would be happy to assist you in improving the strategic capability of your organization.

White Paper: Development of a Strategic Direction for a Reformed Organization

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