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White Paper: Development of a Strategic Direction for a Reformed Organization

Oxford Libero Consulting is expert in progressive and actionable strategy.  In many organizations, strategy has become a required task to support a requirement of many boards of directors or an expected norm of an executive.  It is not seen for what it is, the true role of organizational leadership.  Too often strategy becomes an annual ‘necessary evil’ that is treated like an event rather than the primary role of true leaders that should be a continuous and structured process of a well functioning organization.

Much of the reason that strategy has become a task rather than a management tool is the flawed common understanding of the intent and use of strategy.  It should be a foundation for daily decision-making not an annual event intended to write a document and tick a box.  The standard annual event and an expected timeline of a maximum of 5 years for planning, along with a number of other strategic fallacies, has doomed traditional strategic planning to the same fate of every other management ‘innovation’.

The attached white paper provides insights into the role of strategy in leadership, provides how to make strategy an integral part of your organizational management and shows how strategy should adapt to support your market.  Rather than the standard ‘one size fits all’ approach to strategy, we offer alternative approaches to strategy that allow organizations to quickly adapt based on the speed of change in your marketplace, using a continuum of control versus responsiveness.  It highlights how the pace of change has already been dealt with in other forms, using sports and agricultural metaphors as examples of where strategic planning has been used for decades/centuries in scenarios where alignment and speed are not only required but expected.

Our approach uses ‘out of the box’ approaches for strategy development that uses the knowledge and creativity of the whole organization to address the most complex problems.  We are unique in our approach and results.

Oxford Libero Consulting Strategic Development Approach


White Paper: Building Capacity for Redeveloping Your Organization

Oxford Libero Consulting LP has extensive organizational redevelopment experience.  Our comprehensive program allows us to mentor organizations through complete organizational review and development while building their leadership capacity.  This unique program allows us to assist you to completely rethink your operation, using your own team, in as little as 42 weeks.  This is done while increasing your management competence.  This paper outlines what is required to do a proper organizational redevelopment and the approach and competence to complete a sustainable organizational change.


Oxford Libero Consulting Organization Redevelopment Approach


Overview of Oxford Libero Consulting’s Comprehensive Service Mix

Oxford Libero Consulting has a comprehensive and unique service mix.  Find out how our integrated service offering provides solutions for your most complex organizational requirements, builds your internal capacity and provides support through our well qualified consultants.  We can provide full solutions, programs or consultants to support your organization.  We encourage you to read our Oxford Libero Consulting About Us document for more information.


Pandemic Plan

We have released a briefing for clients concerning business continuity including a pandemic plan, prior to the H1N1 scare of last year.


Readiness for Change

We have released a briefing around readiness for change and assessing your readiness.