Our Vision

The vision of the Oxford Libero Coalition is:
“To be sought out to solve the most difficult problems in the World”

Company Profile

Oxford Libero is a consultancy founded in Oxford, UK by a number of graduates of the University of Oxford.   Mr. Michael Dumelie, our Regina based Partner, has experience in the redesign of over three dozen organizations.  He has a B.Admin. from the University of Regina, is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and has an MBA from the University of Oxford.   He has assembled a team of high quality professionals with experience in strategy and strategic human resource management, enterprise architecture, quality program development, project management and project management office development, business intelligence, business continuity, business analysis and business process management.  In addition, we have unique skills in information management and decision system design.

Too often organizations and our competitors define solutions before they truly understand the problem they are trying to solve.  The results treat symptoms rather than the true problems of the organization.  The focus of the Regina operation is comprehensive organizational design/change management.  We have skills in both business and technical architecture development that allow for high quality service delivery that is both adaptable and sustainable.  We build solutions that solve the initial problem and that adapt as the organizational environment evolves.

Oxford Libero Consulting provides highly qualified consultants.  Among our senior resources we have a number of master level educated consultants, many from the world’s leading educational institution Oxford University in Oxford, UK.  We invest in keeping this competitive advantage.  All of our consultants have annual development plans.  To ensure they maintain their expertise, 5% of our rates are allocated to our consultants as an allowance for training.  As a result, Oxford Libero Consulting will be able to bring superior expertise to assist your organization in building internal capacity and executing on your strategic intent.

We have consultants able to assist you with your projects.  We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your needs and develop a plan to assist you in improving your organization.

Contact Information

Mr. Michael Dumelie B.Admin. CMA MBA(Oxon.), Partner
3036 Albert Street
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
S4S 3N7

Telephone: (306) 502-1036

Ms. Barbara Osborne B.Admin. CMA, Managing Partner
3036 Albert Street
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
S4S 3N7

Telephone: (306) 541-5061

Email: info@oxlib.ca

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