Quality Program Development

Our leadership and most of our quality professionals are university trained in multiple quality approaches.  This makes them well prepared to take on Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, National Quality Institute, ISO or any other quality program standard.  While each program has its subtle differences, reflective of the environment they were created in, each are founded on the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) and have been adapted or improved.

In addition to being able to provide consultants to lead your projects, mentor your staff and undertake your quality program development, we have consultants able to undertake quality program audits to meet your requirements, through our international group.  This will allow for certification such as ISO or NQI.  These consultants are also available to provide training for your staff to support the development of capacity within your organization.

Our two primary areas of focus are:

Customer Experience Management
Our customer facing program that seeks to increase the customer satisfaction of the organization through quality improvement.  The focus is customer-aligned process improvement and customer centric monitoring and reporting.  Our program has won international awards for customer satisfaction and organizational innovation.

Continuous Improvement Programs
Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, ISO, etc. are programs designed to create incremental change in organizations.  At Oxford Libero Consulting we refer to this as our ‘Evolutionary Change’ program.  When tied together with our ‘Revolutionary Change’ organizational change management program it provides continuous improvement to sustain the momentum derived from the initial investment in organizational change.  Our intent is to create an organization that only needs revolutionary change once and readily adapts to your organizational environment.

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