Business Intelligence and Information Management

Data warehousing, information management, knowledge management and business intelligence have all been portrayed as complex requirements for most organizations.  Too often projects get mired in the details of data modelling, technical architecture and tool selection, and forget the business value of a Business Intelligence program.  When entering these projects organizations have an opportunity to completely rethink the system architecture of the organization.

The Oxford Libero Consulting approach attempts to simplify the strategic system architecture of your organization using an integrated Business Intelligence (BI) program as a core element.

Using the Business Intelligence program, your organization has an opportunity to become a significant contributor to process optimization programs.  As processes are designed, organizations should seek to optimize the information collection systems to support optimized business process.  This should lead to reduced overhead for information collection.

As processes are redesigned, so too are accountabilities of people executing the reformed processes.  Oxford Libero Consulting has developed a unique process for ensuring that the Business Intelligence process continues to support the revised accountability framework.  By tying together the accountability framework, decisions and information, we are able to develop individual information profiles that give a true sense of the information needed throughout the organization.  We will be able to do a comprehensive review of the organization in a short period of time using our facilitated survey technique.  This contributes to a complete data architecture that can assist in establishing information/business intelligence priorities across the organization.

This is a unique program that only Oxford Libero Consulting is offering.  Our team of professionals has experience in the program and are ready to customize it to your needs.

Our team has experience with BI toolset evaluations, and are prepared to work with you to not only leverage the current environment but also position you with a strong strategy, architecture and toolset for the future.

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